NFL hands hefty fine to Bills' Isaiah McKenzie for violating protocol

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NFL hands hefty fine to Bills' Isaiah McKenzie for violating protocol

Buffalo Bills wide receiver Isaiah McKenzie and Cole Beasley have revealed they got fined by the NFL for violating the NFL's Covid-19 protocol. The NFL handed McKenzie a hefty fine as the wide receiver was fined $14,650.

"They got me!" McKenzie wrote on Twitter. "@NFL you win!" Bills head coach Sean McDermott said it was "unfortunate" to see players get fined. "It's unfortunate when players get fined," Bills coach Sean McDermott said, per ESPN.

"That being said, these rules have been agreed upon and in place and well-communicated for some time. And so it's important for us that we focus on being safe and healthy -- that's No. 1 and that's always been No.

1 -- and then No. 2 is doing our best to stay focused on the goal and the purpose of why we're here -- which is to win football games."

The NFL sent a message to McKenztie

"Your conduct is expressly prohibited by the Protocols," the NFL told McKenzie.

"Again, your conduct potentially compromised not only your safety, but also the safety of others, as well as the league's ability to ensure that your club's training camp is conducted in a safe manner."

After seeing McKenzie's tweet, Beasley reacted. "Don't worry they got me too," Beasley tweeted. "But I was wearing a mask when I was in close contact with fully vaxxed trainer who tested positive and still got sent home.

So what's the point of the mask anyways? "Meanwhile I'm here still testing negative and can't come back. Make it make sense." Coach McDermott is for the vaccine but he doesn't want to force his players into taking it.

"I go back to the personal decision on this thing. I respect our players' positions," McDermott said. "In my personal opinion, it's right to get vaccinated." McDermott also claimed that being vaccinated or not won't factor his decision who makes the roster and who not.

"That [choice of being vaccinated or not vaccinated] will not be a factor in deciding who stays and who goes," McDermott said. The Bills won their second preseason game 41-15 after Mitch Trubisky delivered a big performance against his former team, Chicago Bears.

"I feel like each week, I'm getting a little better grasp of the offense. ... It was different coming back here in Chicago. It was awesome to see all the guys and coaches before the game, catching up with those guys, and then how supportive everyone in the Bills' locker room was for me," Trubisky said. "I'm just really grateful to be a part of this team."