Teddy Bridgewater beats out Drew Lock for Broncos starting QB job

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Teddy Bridgewater beats out Drew Lock for Broncos starting QB job

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio has announced that Teddy Bridgewater won the starting quarterback job over Drew Lock. Throughout the camp, the battle between Bridgewater and Lock was even but in the end Bridgewater won a "close battle."

"There wasn't a lot of separation," Fangio said, per ESPN. "Both guys had good camps. They both played well, they both had their down moments, had their good moments. ... We just made this decision because it's best for the team moving forward right now.

We have two good quarterbacks, two quarterbacks we can win with. Fangio added: "It was really, really close. ... We had to make a decision, and we went with Teddy." Fangio insisted that both Bridgewater and Lock have been good and determining the starting quarterback wasn't easy.

"The first is, one guy plays way better than the other guy, the decision is easy and everybody sees it," Fangio recounted after Wednesday's practice. "Or the other thing is, both guys can play below par and you're not happy, but you've got to make a choice.

That didn't happen either. The third is they both play good and you have to make a tough choice."

Bridgewater now determined to lead the Broncos to success

"I'm hungry as well -- this entire team is hungry," Bridgewater said.

"We know the talent that we have here, we know what's in store for us, but we can't sit here and talk about it, we have to go out and put in the work every day." In 2016, Bridgewater suffered a horrific leg injury and he almost had his leg amputated.

"I've found myself thinking about it more lately than I have in the past," Bridgewater recalled recently. "Just about the day I was injured and up until this point. Because I use it as motivation now. Before I used to just brush it off like, man, it happened, keep going.

Now it's just like, man, here I am where I could have been counted out. I almost had to have my leg amputated and things like that, and it's like when I wake up in the morning I'm blessed. I get an opportunity to put my feet on the ground and go out here and play football, a game that I love to play.

So I have so much fun playing this game now, more fun than I ever have, the more that I think what I went through here."