49ers HC Kyle Shanahan not ready to name starting quarterback for Week 1

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49ers HC Kyle Shanahan not ready to name starting quarterback for Week 1

San Francisco 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan has suggested that he knows who will be the team's starting quarterback but he wants to take a few more days before making an official announcement. Jimmy Garoppolo had been expected to start the season as the Niners' starting quarterback but this year's No.

3 pick Trey Lance could earn the starting quarterback job. "I've got a pretty good idea," Shanahan said, per ESPN. "But as you guys can see with everything, I don't know our schedule a couple days from now.

So, I've always had a pretty good idea. But there are lots of days between now and then, at every position." Garoppolo, who led the Niners to a Super Bowl appearance in 2019, is happy with where he is at. "I have a pretty good idea," Garoppolo said.

"I'm pretty happy with where I'm at right now and everything and just the offense as a whole. Kyle's the head man. He'll make the call."

Shanahan doesn't want to speak too much ahead

"I think I'm doing a little bit more of it here these next two weeks, just for me to get used to it and stuff, so the guys get used to it," Shanahan said.

"Watching New Orleans doing it with Drew Brees and Taysom has been pretty cool over the last three years. I'm sure that took them some time to kind of get the flow of that. But it's nothing that you can say, 'Hey we did this in practice so this is how it's going to be.'

You adjust to that in games and you prepare for everything, but you don't know until you go through it. "So, that's why I don't sit here and pretend like I have all the answers, because I don't. You prepare for every situation, you work the guys to the best of their ability, and then you see what your game plan is and you figure out what gives you the best chance to win that game.

And you try to keep your thoughts just to that." Shanahan suggested that there is no need for him to rush with his decision to name the starting quarterback. "If there would be one reason I can think of by naming it that would help it'd be to end those questions," Shanahan said, smiling.

"If you could give me another reason that it's a big advantage that helps our team, affects anything that has to do with us, then I will name it. But I don't think it does. And you know, why tell people? I know you guys want an answer, which is fine. I get the suspense of it, but I'm not just going to answer it to end your guy's suspense."