Packers' Kevin King addresses NFL Championship Game woes

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Packers' Kevin King addresses NFL Championship Game woes

Green Bay Packers cornerback Kevin King is determined to bounce back from last year's NFC Championship Game loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and try to win the Super Bowl this season. "I'm not the type of guy that just tries to sweep s--- under the rug, you know [and then say] all right, let me get a fresh start somewhere,'" King said, per ESPN.

"No. I want to finish this with my guys, you know what I'm saying? The guys who've believed in me and the guys who continue to believe in me. And like I said, I'm going to do my part to uphold my side of the bargain, but ...

we're here to win a Super Bowl." King made a few bad plays that contributed in the Packers' loss to the Buccaneers. "I think our value [of him] within our building is much higher maybe than public perception is out there," Packers coach Matt LaFleur said.

"He's a guy I have a lot of faith, a lot of confidence in. I think when he's healthy, he's really tough to deal with, his length when he challenges guys at the line of scrimmage and get his hands on them, that's a tough matchup for most wide receivers."

King 'challenged' himself to get better

"You listen to all these guys who have the greatest success stories, they've all used those quote-unquote 'failures' as turning points," King said.

"In their minds, as humans, it's kind of just evolving in that stage of life. So, I've challenged myself all offseason and continue to challenge myself to come out better from that situation, so quote-unquote 'failure,' that's just a word."

Meanwhile, Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers recently admitted he thought the 2020 season could have been his last in Green Bay. "The reason I approached it like that is I just knew when the [Love] pick was made that the clock had started, for sure," Rodgers said.

"And I thought unless there was something in the season that really made me feel like I'm going to be here past 2021 that maybe this would be my last year. I didn't want to be going into a year with some sort of ...

as a lame duck, like I said. I didn't think that was fair to what I accomplished and what I mean to this team, and nothing really changed in that regard. I went into the offseason, that [it] could have been it." "I'm glad that I enjoyed every moment, I'm glad that I led exactly the way I wanted to lead and looked for those conversations with certain guys that needed a pick-me-up at different times.

I took the headphones off and enjoyed the surroundings and the road trips and the time with the guys. Yeah, it's a good template, for sure."