Raiders, Rams joint practice called off early after brawl

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Raiders, Rams joint practice called off early after brawl

The Las Vegas Raiders and Los Angeles Rams finished their Thursday practice early after a brawl. The brawl between the Raiders and Rams included punches, helmets thrown and had four starts and stops. Raiders head coach Jon Gruden saw enough and sent his team to busses early.

"That's enough of that crap," Gruden said about an hour later at the team hote, per ESPNl. "That's not good for football, that's not good for anything so that's the end of that practice session."

Gruden didn't have a specific message to his team but he made it clear he thought it was stupid and child's play. "There's no message," he said. "They know. They know better. Everybody knows better.

And again, it wasn't everybody fighting -- it will be on TV, you'll see a bunch of guys screaming and yelling -- but it was two guys in the special teams period. And then it was a lot of trash talking that escalated.

Just sickening, really, it's just stupidity. I'm done with that. It's just child's play to me."

Rams coach happy nobody got injured in the Raiders and Rams brawl

"We only had a little bit left, so felt like the best decision, just based on the temperature of the situation, was bag the last eight plays in the team period that we had," Rams head coach Sean McVay said.

"I did not see it, I just kind of had heard what had happened, but other than me seeing it, I can't speak for anybody else but I'm glad that nobody got injured ... it's unfortunate that we didn't get to finish it up, but I'll leave it at that."

"Honestly, every joint practice I've ever been a part of there was a fight, but how things happened yesterday, how physical it was, I was pretty sure it was going to be -- come back and be a lot of BS." Raiders quarterback Derek Carr wasn't surprised by the brawl as he noted that guys are fighting for roster spots.

"Well, there's a reason a lot of the fights came on special teams -- they're fighting for a job," Carr said Wednesday. "Literally. "I love the fighting ... I think it's good for your team to fight a little bit.

Everyone's tired at this point of camp ... it doesn't bother me, as long as no one gets hurt. "When that stuff carries on to the next play and the next play and you're getting cheap shots, that's when it's pointless. But I think there is a good respect for both sides."