Rusell Wilson: Seahawks wouldn't have played game this week if they had one

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Rusell Wilson: Seahawks wouldn't have played game this week if they had one

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson revealed his team would have skipped their Week 1 game if it was scheduled for this weekend. On Wednesday, the Milwaukee Bucks boycotted their Game 5 against the Orlando Magic in the wake of the shooting of Jacob Blake, a Black man, and soon the rest of the NBA games for the day were canceled.

The NFL season starts in two weeks and there is a belief that some are considering boycotting a game when the season kicks off. "Yeah, for sure,” Wilson said on 710 ESPN Seattle, via Brady Henderson of ESPN, as quoted on Pro Football Talk.

“I think just witnessing what happened to Jacob and everything else and all the things have have added up to this, it’s devastating. It’s truly devastating just to watch that. This isn’t like this hasn’t been doing on for years.

That’s the scary part and sad part. The difference now is we get to see it every day because of social media and phones and everything else. I think the world is truly seeing the ugliness of society at times, and I think what’s really disappointing is just knowing that as we athletes try to make a difference and sometimes people don’t want to listen and don’t want to recognize that that could have been us, that could be us.

I think that’s a real reality. I think for us as a team, for the Seahawks, we’re definitely discussing what do we do next. How do we make a change? How do we cause movement, and how do we make a difference? We’re in the midst of all that right now.

We don’t have weeks, and we don’t have months. We don’t have years to change it. We have to all do it together, and we’ve got to do it now, and we need change now, and we need people to make a difference now.

We’re calling on people like [the media] to really help us along the way, too”.

Wilson wants a better society as he fears for his children

As a father, Wilson wants him and his family to be safe in the United States society.

"It’s been one of the most difficult years of my life, observing and knowing and understanding that I have children,” Wilson said. “I have three amazing, intelligent, athletic, talented, full-of-lie, full-of-huge-huge-smile type children that just bring joy and bring light to the world and anybody they’re ever around, and what I fear is one day they’re not here because of somebody else’s insecurities, because of the lack of empathy, because of racism.

And that’s a real thought that, to be honest, you all may not have to deal with. When I saw that, the reality is the reality, and it’s an unfortunate one, so how do we change that reality?”