Chiefs GM: We want Tyrann Mathieu deal but our money is tight

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Chiefs GM: We want Tyrann Mathieu deal but our money is tight

Kansas City Chiefs general manager Brett Veach has said the team would like to extend Tyrann Mathieu's contract beyond 2021 but noted that the timing isn't right for it to happen now. Mathieu, a three-time First-team All-Pro safety, is one of the best players at his position in the NFL.

"The landscape is super tricky," Veach said from Chiefs training camp at Missouri Western State University, per ESPN. "We're at a $30 million [salary-cap] deficit from what we thought, and next year it's $15 million.

Right now some things are out of our control just because of the cap reductions this year and next year. If you look at our books for next year, we're going to be over by a bunch. "Right now we're counting Orlando [Brown] on a [franchise] tag, but we think he's going to play well, and we're going to extend him, and that opens up space.

Restructuring [with other players] opens up space. Some guys moving on will open up space. "It's frustrating because we're handicapped a little, and there are only certain things we can do to make it make sense for him.

But where we are now is going to be completely different than where we will be once the season ends, and we have a lot more clarity on contracts and how the money is disbursed and allocated and how we can fit things and how we can make it work.

It's just tricky right now. But it has nothing to do with us not wanting him or him not wanting to be here. It's just one of those unfortunate timing things."

Mathieu would like to finish his career with the Chiefs

Mathieu is currently in the final year of his three-year, $42 million contract.

"I think most players would like to have things done before they get to the season, but I'm all about ball," Mathieu said. "I love ball, so it's important for me to stay focused on that. Let other things just handle themselves."

However, the most important thing at the moment is that Mathieu wants to stay in Kansas and that the team wants to extend his contract. "I've heard Tyrann say that he would like to extend his career in Kansas City, and we feel the same way about that," Chiefs chairman Clark Hunt said. "Hopefully that will work out. The timing is obviously uncertain."