Packers' Aaron Rodgers thought 2020 season could be his last in Green Bay

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers thought 2020 season could be his last in Green Bay

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has underlined that he doesn't want a farewell tour in 2021. Rodgers will play out the 2021 season in Green Bay but what will happen after this season remains a mistery. "I don't want a farewell tour," Rodgers said, per ESPN.

"I don't know what's going to happen after the season, but I'm going to enjoy it with the right perspective, for sure, and not look at it as I'm getting through this. I'm going to enjoy the hell out of all of it." Rodgers admitted there were times he thought the 2020 season would be his last in Green Bay.

"The reason I approached it like that is I just knew when the [Love] pick was made that the clock had started, for sure," Rodgers said. "And I thought unless there was something in the season that really made me feel like I'm going to be here past 2021 that maybe this would be my last year.

I didn't want to be going into a year with some sort of ... as a lame duck, like I said. I didn't think that was fair to what I accomplished and what I mean to this team, and nothing really changed in that regard. I went into the offseason, that [it] could have been it." "I'm glad that I enjoyed every moment, I'm glad that I led exactly the way I wanted to lead and looked for those conversations with certain guys that needed a pick-me-up at different times.

I took the headphones off and enjoyed the surroundings and the road trips and the time with the guys. Yeah, it's a good template, for sure."

Rodgers talked with Zach Wilson and James Morgan

The Packers had a joint practice with the Jets and Rodgers was seen chatting with Jets quarterbacks Wilson and Morgan.

"Tom [Fanning, Packers assistant director of communications] just told me out here, he said, 'Do not go scorched earth about joint practices,' so I'm trying my best," Rodgers said with a smile. "Look, I've never been a huge fan of joint practices, but I think I've said as well there's merit to certain aspects of it.

"That's why I think I have a slightly different perspective about these practices with other teams. I tongue-and-cheeked with Tom about going scorched earth. There is a lot of stuff to be gained from these type of practices.

For me personally, the perspective through some of the work I've done in the offseason and trying to just be more joyful and happier is going to allow this season to be really special and memorable, I think."

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