Seahawks make Jamal Adams highest-paid safety in NFL

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Seahawks make Jamal Adams highest-paid safety in NFL

The Seattle Seahawks have made Jamal Adams the highest-paid safety in the NFL. On Tuesday, Adams and the Seahawks agreed to a four-year, $70 million contract extension. The contract talks between Adams and the Seahawks dragged for months but it came through after the safety's mom hit her son.

"She said my full name, and when my mother says my full name, I think I need to pay attention," Adams said, per ESPN. "She gave me a nice little paragraph and basically just told me that you don't have to prove anything else to anybody.

You did enough. We're happy. As long as my family's happy and I'm happy, I can come and do what I love to do, that's all that matters to me." Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll was happy that the deal was made with Adams.

"This was the plan the whole time, was to go after a great football player, get him in the program, pay what you've got to pay to get it done in terms of draft picks and then knowing that we were going to do a contract," Carroll said.

"It took a while to get it done, but it's over now."

Adams now at peace

Adams reported for training camp but he wasn't practicing while his deal was unsettled. "Obviously it was tough to come out here and continue to watch and not be involved like I wanted to, but I understood the business, and we were working together the whole time," Adams said.

"Don't believe anything out there -- everything was good. There's no relationship break." "Hell no, man," he said with a smile. "I'm not Boo Boo the Fool. I wasn't not going to take the contract, so no.

Where I'm from, we're definitely taking that. Mom called [after her text]. She called twice, and when mom called and she told me I needed to take the contract, it was a no-brainer. Momma knows best." Last season, Adams missed four games due to a groin injury.

Also, Adams played through injuries on both shoulders, two broken fingers and a hyperextended elbow. "What I don't know that our fans realized last year is how he played hurt, played one-armed for a number of games because his shoulder was bad," Carroll said.

"If you were at the stadium you probably could see that more clearly. But the toughness that he demonstrated and the grit and all the beautiful aspects that he put forth, our fans I think will come to understand that and appreciate it. He's really something."