Bills' Dion Dawkins: Being hospitalized for virus one of my lowest points

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Bills' Dion Dawkins: Being hospitalized for virus one of my lowest points

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Dion Dawkins revealed he was hospitalized for for four days due to COVID-19 and admitted it was a tough few days for him. "I never even thought I could get that low because I'm so animated," Dawson said, per ESPN.

"And that hit hard, even with the mental stuff -- it hit every part of me and I was shocked that it could even hit that. "Being in the hospital was probably the hardest part because I was like, 'Man, I'm in the hospital -- my team is out there working and I'm here.'

" Dawson's positive result came within the two-week period following his second dose for the vaccine to fully kick in. "I wish I could have been fully vaccinated -- if I was fully [vaccinated], it probably would have been a little easier on myself," Dawson said.

"But hey, whatever you're comfortable with, do it. Just do your research and try to think about others because everybody is going to go through it differently."

Dawson will need time to work his way back

After being hospitalized for four days and dealing with shortness of breath, fever chills, coughing, dehydration, Dawson will need time before he returns to his best.

"He's not close to where he needs to be to play and help us," Bills head coach Sean McDermott said. "So he's got a long road here. So we're just going to ... he's going to control what he can control, and so are we.

He's got to continue to work hard to get himself back to where he's -- I mean, this is what, going on Week 4 of training camp at this point, so he's missed a lot of time." Meanwhile, the Bills kicked off their preseason over the weekend as they beat the Detroit Lions 16-15.

2020 fifth-round pick Jake Fromm orchestrated a game-winning drive against the Lions. "It was definitely just a very interesting five to six months for me. I've never gone through anything like that," Fromm said.

"It was definitely very, very tough, and very, very lonely at times, but I kept going back to my faith and my family. And knowing I was gonna see them soon and knowing that hopefully, all this will pay off one day. "I wanted to be ready and honestly I showed up to work every day and said, 'Hey let's go, be ready. This is where I'm at, this is where my feet are at, let's go give it 100% and give it my all.' "