Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy: No urgency to play Dak Prescott in preseason

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Cowboys HC Mike McCarthy: No urgency to play Dak Prescott in preseason

Dallas Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has underlined that there is no urgency to play Dak Prescott in the preseason. Prescott's season got off to a rough start as he sauffered a shoulder injury on the opening day of training camp.

Prescott pulled himself out of practice on July 28 and went two weeks without throwing. Last week, Prescott did some light throwing but nothing too serious. Prescott wasn't allowed to test himself on deep and more challenging passes.

"We'll see how the week goes, but there's no urgency from my perspective to see Dak play against Houston," McCarthy said, per ESPN. "This is more about we don't want to create a setback possibly.

His volume of throwing leading up to that point, I mean, he was probably in midseason form from the amount of work he put in over the summer, coming out of the OTAs. Just trying to get that volume back to where it belongs."

Coach McCarthy insists that Prescott's condition is improving. “I think we'd all like that but that's not the priority," McCarthy said. "I think his volume throwing, getting the capacity back to where he was, is the No.

1 thing."

McCarthy cautious with Prescott

'We're going to try to keep him out of the competitive throwing," McCarthy said. "It's more about the people around him and just try[ing] to keep him as rested as long as possible."

A few days ago, Prescott said he would to everything to be ready for Week 1. "But I've got to keep progressing the right way," Prescott said. "As long as I don't have any setbacks, when we get to that crossroads we'll obviously talk to the doctors and coaches and figure out what's best."

Prescott is also confident that his current injury won't have any long-term affects. "I think that's because people that know me, the people who know the competitor I am, and I'm going to do whatever it takes to make sure I'm out there," Prescott said.

"But as I've said, this is something we want to nip in the bud and not let continue to linger. And I think the best way we do that is stay on the pace that I am and progress through it the right way, and once Sept. 9 comes I'll play that game and move forward without ever thinking about this again."