Packers' Aaron Rodgers praises Jordan Love after first NFL start

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers praises Jordan Love after first NFL start

Green Bay Packers quarterback Jordan Love didn't impress in his first NFL start but he also wasn't a complete failure. Love got hit around his right arm and shoulder in the first half and he was pulled out of the second half.

"It was obviously just a precautionary reason, but I think I'll be ready to go next week," Love said, per ESPN. Packers head coach Matt LaFleur encouraged Love to keep going for it. "If there's one thing to just encourage him to continue to do is just, 'Hey man, you got to let that sucker rip,'" LaFleur said.

"When you see it, trust what you see. Don't worry about being perfect. Don't worry about throwing a perfect on-target pass. When you do that, you're not as accurate. You've got to let the ball go, but by and large, I think he did a really nice job."

Love praised by Aaron Rodgers

Reigning NFL MVP Rodgers was happy with what he saw from Love in his first NFL start. "I wouldn't tell him a whole lot; I just like looking at the pictures and seeing if there's anything we might have missed on the pictures," Rodgers said on the Packers television broadcast.

"I thought Jordan did a really nice job. He was efficient throwing the ball, he took what was there. The key for him and any young quarterback is footwork. And if you watched him tonight on many of the plays where he threw the ball really efficiently, he was throwing on the right hitch or no hitch, and that's when quarterbacks get in a rhythm.

That looked good to me." The Packers suffered a 26-7 loss to the Houston Texans but their only scoring drive was something. In the drive that resulted in a touchdown, Love completed six straight completions on the nine play.

The drive was 88-yards long. "I think it just gives us something to go back and look at and learn from it," Love said of his debut. "See what little mistakes we made here and there and obviously what things we did well and be able to build from it going to next week and do it again."

As Rodgers was sitting out, Love was preparing he would be the starting quarterback this season. "Obviously there's going to be either two "options: Either he was going to be back or he wasn't," Love said of Rodgers recently.

"So yeah, I mean, it's obviously very great to have Aaron back just on this team. Obviously he's a huge presence at the quarterback position and in the locker room as well and then as a leader on the team, so it's great to have him back."