49ers rookie QB Trey Lance throws 80-yard bomb on second NFL pass attempt

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49ers rookie QB Trey Lance throws 80-yard bomb on second NFL pass attempt

San Francisco 49ers rookie quarterback Trey Lance admitted it was "super exciting" to make his NFL debut. Lance replaced Jimmy Garoppolo after one series for the starting offense and went on to play 29 snaps. Lance went 5-of-14 for 128 yards and a touchdown.

"It was super exciting," Lance said, per ESPN. "It's kind of what you dream of scoring your first touchdown. Even though it's preseason, it's pretty cool. It was for sure a special moment. I wish I could have capitalized on the opportunities that came after that."

The Niners ended up losing 19-16 and Niners head coach Kyle Shanahan acknowledged there were some good and bad moments from Lance. "There was some good and some bad," Niners coach Kyle Shanahan said. "By no means was it perfect.

He definitely missed a couple. There were a couple spots you'd like to see him go different places, a couple balls that sailed on him that I think he'd like to have back. But he also came out pretty good too, making the right plays and getting to the right spots ...

but it was a good first day. I didn't want it to go perfect for him."

Lance takes the blame for four sacks

"It's something I'm going to continue to learn from," Lance said. "Getting the ball out of my hands and into those guys' hands.

The offensive line did a great job today. It's on me 100 percent as far as protection goes. Me using my legs to make plays and extend plays and extend drives, I wish I'd have done that a little bit better tonight, as well."

On just his second preseason attempt, Lance threw an 80-yard pass to Trent Sherfield. "It was awesome," Garoppolo said. "We kind of saw it coming. Knowing the play and everything, I was watching Trent the whole time, and he broke the guy off and Trey put a beautiful pass out there.

It was really cool." Lance admitted that he missed out on some plays. "I didn't make every play tonight," Lance said. "The plays that were called were really, really good ones. So, I left some big ones out there that I noticed and we noticed on the sidelines.

It was frustrating leaving those plays out there. I wanted to put more points on the board. A little frustrated, but super excited to go watch the tape and learn from it."