Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence: I felt poised in NFL debut

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Jaguars' Trevor Lawrence: I felt poised in NFL debut

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence failed to lead the team to a win in his NFL debut but he showed some promising signs. The Jaguars lost to the Cleveland Browns 23-13 as Lawrence threw for 71 yards and failed to lead first-team offense to any points in his two possessions.

"I asked [passing game coordinator Brian Schottenheimer] how he played, and he said he did pretty good," Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer said, per ESPN. "I thought the ball to his left right in front of us, I think it was on third down, he really anticipated a nice out cut, scrambled and delivered a nice one to Marvin Jones.

"He certainly wasn't awestruck. We've got to execute better. We've got to protect him better. And we've got to get all our wideouts healthy and just play better."

Lawrence felt 'comfortable and poised'

"I feel like the first time out there, I felt comfortable, felt poised," Lawrence said.

"Obviously, the first play's not kind of what you want for the first play, but after that, I thought we did a good job. We communicated well up front. They did a really good job of protection. At least one of those sacks was on me, for sure, just holding the ball too long.

That's something I'll work on. Just maneuvering in the pocket is something I've always got to work on. "Other than that, I missed an easy one to Marvin, a little quick out I wish I would have hit. But other than that, I felt good out there.

I think we were seeing it, all on the same page. There's obviously things to clean up, but I thought it was a pretty good day." The highlight of Lawrence's debut was his 34-yard pass to Marvin Jones on the third down.

"I was in the pocket forever. Eventually, it ended up turning into a scramble," Lawrence said of his deep pass to Jones. "He did a good job of just getting open and reacting. That's something we've been working in camp is the scramble drill.

I didn't actually scramble, but everyone has the time clock of, 'All right, the play's not working as it was designed. At this point, we've got to make something happen.' "He did a good a job of reacting quick, went upfield.

I could have led him a little bit more. I just didn't want to overthrow him, with the DB's back turned, and he made a great catch."