Bills' Jake Fromm orchestrates 74-yard game-winning drive versus Lions

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Bills' Jake Fromm orchestrates 74-yard game-winning drive versus Lions

2020 fifth-round pick Jake Fromm orchestrated a game-winning drive for the Buffalo Bills in a preseason game against the Detroit Lions. Fromm led a 74-yard game-winning drive and the Bills ended up winning 16-15 following a field goal made by Tyler Bass.

"He's been in these moments before," Bills coach Sean McDermott said, referencing Fromm's Georgia career. "And he just doesn't seem to be fazed in these moments." Last season, Fromm was the emergency quarterback for the Bills, meaning that he practiced separately and remained socially distanced from his teammates.

"It was definitely just a very interesting five to six months for me. I've never gone through anything like that," Fromm said. "It was definitely very, very tough, and very, very lonely at times, but I kept going back to my faith and my family.

And knowing I was gonna see them soon and knowing that hopefully, all this will pay off one day. "I wanted to be ready and honestly I showed up to work every day and said, 'Hey let's go, be ready. This is where I'm at, this is where my feet are at, let's go give it 100% and give it my all.'


Fromm praised by Bills quarterback Davis Webb

"It was cool to see Jake get in there and throw that deep one to Speedy, for both of them in their first game in the NFL," Webb said. "Sometimes a couple of plays aren't going to go your way.

I wouldn't put that on Jake the first couple drives, there's a lot of things that go into that. But I will put on Jake, he came in clutch." The Bills also have 2017 No. 2 pick Mitch Trubisky on their roster. The Chicago Bears moved on from Trubisky this offseason and the quarterback decided to sign with the Bills.

"At first, I wanted to go to a spot where I would get to compete for a starting position, but the right situation didn't come up and the opportunity wasn't there," Trubisky said. "I looked at the next best thing, where I could continue to develop and continue to progress and become a better player and a person and fell into this organization, and I loved it ever since coming to Buffalo.

"It's just really nice to be a part of a great team and be somewhere where people want you here, and they care about how you're progressing as a person, as a player. It was an interesting process, but I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be right now, and I'm enjoying being here."