Broncos HC Vic Fangio 'confident' in Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater

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Broncos HC Vic Fangio 'confident' in Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater

Denver Broncos head coach Vic Fangio has revealed that Drew Lock will Saturday's preseason opener but called the competition with Teddy Bridgewater even. Lock was the Broncos' starting quarterback last season but he didn't impress.

"You have a hope, but what happens in these preseason games, sometimes you go out there and get a couple three-and-outs and the other team's driving it on you, so you can't go by quarters and series and stuff," Fangio said, per ESPN.

"You've got to try to go by plays as best you can, because it can get skewed one way or the other ... so we'll keep a running tab during the game." Fangio claims he has confidence in both of his quarterbacks -- Lock and Bridgewater.

"I have confidence in both those guys,'' Fangio said. "I really do. ... There is no grading scale. Ultimately we have to go by what we see. We're keeping track of things, statistically -- some more detailed stats than what you guys will do.

They'll be there for the information."

Lock hoping to bounce back

Lock didn't impress in 2020 and this could be his last chance to prove to the Broncos that he is capable of leading then to success. Meanwhile, Broncos President of Football Operations John Elway said he was grateful that Payton Manning decided to end his career with the Broncos.

"Thank God he came to Denver," Elway told's Phil Milani on Saturday. "Thank God we were able to get him there, because those four years were four tremendous years. For him to be able to close out his career with a Super Bowl, a win in Super Bowl 50.

[He's] a guy that's going to go down as arguably the greatest quarterback to ever play the game. He had a different style than some, but was very, very effective and got things done. Just tremendous numbers his whole career and a great teammate and when you look at the numbers he put up, it's incredible."

Manning led the Broncos to the 2015 Super Bowl win and then retired. "He really did," Elway said. "I think Peyton was kind of the one that got that going. You see a lot of teams now that do a lot of things at the line of scrimmage, and Peyton's the one that started that because of the style that he played.

And like you said, very, very cerebral with it. Knew where he was going to go with the ball most of the times before he got it because he figured out the defense."