Mitch Trubisky reveals why he decided to sign with Bills

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Mitch Trubisky reveals why he decided to sign with Bills

2017 No. 2 pick Mitch Trubisky couldn't find a place to be the starter next season so he decided to sign with the Buffalo Bills because je thought it would be the perfect place for him to continue his development. The Chicago Bears decided to move on from Trubisky after the 2020 season as the former No.

2 pick never lived up to the expectation. "At first, I wanted to go to a spot where I would get to compete for a starting position, but the right situation didn't come up and the opportunity wasn't there," Trubisky said, per ESPN.

"I looked at the next best thing, where I could continue to develop and continue to progress and become a better player and a person and fell into this organization, and I loved it ever since coming to Buffalo. "It's just really nice to be a part of a great team and be somewhere where people want you here, and they care about how you're progressing as a person, as a player.

It was an interesting process, but I feel like I'm right where I'm supposed to be right now, and I'm enjoying being here."

Trubisky not surprised by the Bears moving on from him

"I kind of saw it coming, just the way I was progressing.

Year 2 was really good and then Year 3 and 4, not as good," Trubisky said. "I was dealing with some injuries and some other things going on there, but like I said, it was disappointing but it wasn't a surprise.

Throughout the process, you can kind of see that they were just continuously believing in me less and less, and that's just kind of how that process went." Bills starting quarterback Josh Allen had a few nice words to say of Trubisky.

"Mitch has been awesome. He's quickly developed into one of my good friends," Allen said. "He comes in with a great attitude every day and he's working his tail off and he's not afraid to ask questions about the offense.

He's here to help this team win in whatever that way may be. We're lucky to have him, I'll tell you that. "He's got another year of experience, and he's played in, like, 50-something games. So he has a lot of experience and a lot of knowledge and a lot of ideas that he's been throwing around in the meetings. We're lucky to have him, and he's going to continue to be great for us."