Buccaneers' Antonio Brown: Life last year was uncertain


Buccaneers' Antonio Brown: Life last year was uncertain

Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver Antonio Brown insists he is just grateful to be in the NFL. A year ago, Brown was without a team and he was facing an eight-game suspension. The Buccaneers were willing to take..a gamble on Brown and it paid off.

Brown was productive in his first season in Tampa Bay and the Buccaneers ended up winning the Super Bowl. "Life last year was uncertain. A lot of uncertainty," Brown said on Monday, per ESPN. "Would I even get the chance to play football, being suspended? I always remember at that point last year where I was at to make sure I appreciate [this].

Having the right respect and being grateful that I'm at this point right here. I've got all my goals in front of me and an opportunity to do what I love. There's a lot I can appreciate now."

Tom Brady wanted Brown

Buccaneers quarterback Brady wanted Brown and his team went out and signed the wide receiver.

Recently, 44-year-old Brady left the door open to playing to 46. "You’ve passed your physical prime, absolutely,” Brady said during his appearance on SiriusXM town hall with Jim Gray. “I believe that I sustained it for a long period of time.

But I don’t see me now — and there wouldn’t be a reason to like improve let’s say my arm strength or the distance I can throw a ball or the speed I can run physically. "It is what it is. It’s just, I’ve actually maintained that for a long period of time through a lot of unique thoughts and my workout, my recovery, my training.

“You know, mentally I know how to prepare. So I think at lot of those things are — it’s not, it’s really maintaining a championship level of play. "It’s not about, you know, ‘How much better can I be at 44 than I was at 38?’ It’s more about, ‘Am I at championship level as a quarterback?’ And if I am, I’m gonna play and I’m gonna compete, because I love it.

"And I love playing the game. So, you know, naturally I think for people it’s always easy to say, you know, ‘What more is there to prove?’ or ‘Why keep playing?’ I play because I love the game.

I play because I love to compete. You know, we shouldn’t stop our life, even though we love something, because it’s just someone puts an arbitrary timeline on that."

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