Hospital in Kirk Cousins' hometown cuts ties with QB due to anti-vaccine stance

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Hospital in Kirk Cousins' hometown cuts ties with QB due to anti-vaccine stance

Holland Hospital doesn't want to be associated with Minnesota Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins anymore. Cousins, who is from Holland, Michigan, served as a spokesman for Holland Hospital. Cousins is refusing to take a vaccine and the hospital from his hometown has decided to cut ties with him.

"While we acknowledge that each person is entitled to their own viewpoints, those who speak on our behalf must support messages that align with the hospital’s position on matters of vital importance to individual and community health,” the hospital said in a statement, via WHTC.

“For this reason, Holland Hospital will discontinue using Kirk Cousins as our spokesperson for now. We are proud of our association with Kirk. He embodies many values we respect and share as part of our work culture. “However, we must be certain that our communications about COVID vaccination are consistent and unequivocal.

“The clear recommendation from the CDC and leading medical experts is that the COVID vaccine is safe, effective and the best defense against becoming infected with the virus. Evidence also indicates that vaccinated individuals may be less likely to carry and transmit the virus to others including children, family members and friends.

“For these reasons, Holland Hospital has and will continue to strongly recommend the COVID vaccine to those who are eligible to receive it. It is important that Holland Hospital maintain the trusted reputation we have earned for providing consistent, truthful information and evidence-based health care guidance."

Cousins vows to follow rules and protocols

Cousins has underlined that he doesn't want to take a vaccine but added that he will try everything he can not to catch coronavirus or to be deemed as a close contact. "I've come to learn since I've been at home that the tracers we wear actually showed I was not a 'close contact' as I understand being a close contact, which is being within a certain number of feet," Cousins said, per ESPN.

"The challenge was, the meeting room we met in was deemed to be too small for us to have been in a room together -- even if we were significantly apart from each other. So we've since moved to a different meeting room, and as I understand it, had we met in a larger room, I would not have missed practice.

Because I was not a close contact as deemed by actually being in contact. So it was disappointing to miss practice. In my entire college and pro career, I have not missed four practices. So to miss four practices in one week and not have COVID was frustrating, disappointing."