Jets QB Sam Darnold raves about rookie WR Denzel Mims

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Jets QB Sam Darnold raves about rookie WR Denzel Mims

New York Jets quarterback Sam Darnold hasn't had all of his wide receivers healthy so far in training camp but he believes everything will be fine as he is happy with what he has been able to work so far. Wide receiver Denzel Mims, who was selected in the second round of this past NFL draft, has yet to practice due to a hamstring injury.

Brashed Perriman, who arrived from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this offseason, missed the last two practices due to an injury. "It hasn't been challenging so far," Darnold said, per the team's website. "Obviously we want guys to stay healthy, but that's a credit to the guys that have been coming in and understanding the offense.

It's been good. Those guys have been coming in, learning and understanding everything and doing their best to try and make an impact in practice. It's been going well. We want guys to stay healthy, but it's the next-man-up mentality that we always talk about.

We're going to continue that." Wide receiver Chris Hogan, a two-time Super Bowl champion, also signed with the Jets this offseason. "He's good," Darnold said of Hogan. "He's clean in and out of his routes.

He's understanding the offense well, so it's been good so far. … Off the field, we're spending as much time as we can together talking about routes and timing and all that. It's been good so far and hopefully we can just continue to build on the chemistry we have."

Darnold praises rookies Lawrence Cager and Mims

Cager, who went undrafted in this past NFL draft, was given a shot by the Jets. "Cage is a big target," Darnold said. "He can go up and get the ball. Whenever you have a big dude like that who can go up and get it, it's good to see."

When it comes to Mims, Darnold says the wide receiver is motivated and always willing to learn new things. "He's really self-motivated," Darnold said of the second-round pick out of Baylor. "Most of the time I see him, I'm just joking around and having a good time.

Denzel is really on top of it. He's just going to continue to learn the offense the way he has been. I know Hines and Shawn J are doing a great job of continuing to teach him. He's like a sponge right now, he's just soaking it all up and learning as much as he can."