Rams HC Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford will never play in preseason game

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Rams HC Sean McVay: Matthew Stafford will never play in preseason game

Los Angeles Rams head coach Sean McVay has underlined that Matthew Stafford won't ever play in a preseason game until he is the team's head coach. McVay is taking a safe approach as he doesn't want to lose one of his key players in a non-meaningful preseason game.

This offseason, the Rams traded 2016 No. 1 pick Jared Goff to the Detroit Lions and got Stafford in return. “There is zero chance you’ll ever see Matthew Stafford take a snap in the preseason for the Rams as long as I’m the coach.

That will never happen,” McVay said. “So he is not going to play. That’s why it’s important for us to try to get competitive opportunities against some of these other teams in practice settings. Practicing against the Cowboys this Saturday.

We’ll get the Raiders twice. So we’re always looking for those things. But until you tell me that if a guy gets hurt in the preseason that we’ll get those games back or they’ll add them on the schedule afterwards as, ‘Oh, yeah, you get two games because you lost those guys in the preseason,’ it’s hard for me to make sense of it”.

Stafford happy to be a Ram

After kicking off training camp, Stafford sounded excited about being a Ram. “It was great. It was good to just be out there and run around with the guys. Got some good work in. A bunch of stuff to clean up, but it was nice to be out here playing football again, doing it with a bunch of guys.

It was fun,” Stafford said, per Yahoo Sports. Stafford also noted the Rams have a talented roster as he hopes they will contend for the Super Bowl this season. “We’ve got a bunch of talented players, both on the offensive side of the ball, but also on defense,” he said.

“They made some plays out there today, made it tough on us in some situations. It’s going to be a great battle all camp, just challenging ourselves to be as good as we can against the defense that was obviously as good as it was last year and is going to be a really good defense again this year.

Both from a personnel point and from a scheme point, it’s a really big challenge for us on offense and just something that’s fun to try and get better each day and work against them”.