Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into Cowboys' Ring of Honor

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Cowboys owner Jerry Jones: Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into Cowboys' Ring of Honor

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones announced on Thursday that Jimmy Johnson will be inducted into the Cowboys' Ring of Honor. Johnson, who coached the Cowboys from 1989 to 1993, led the team to two Super Bowls but left the game after a conflict with Jones.

"I think we've got some great days ahead of us," Jones said on the FOX pregame show before the Cowboys faced the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Hall of Fame Game, per ESPN. "We are going to certainly be recognizing what's happening here with the Hall of Fame, but Tex Schramm, who started that Ring of Honor, he said, 'Jerry, keep it kind of limited with people, but make sure it wasn't just about the plays they made.

Make sure they contributed to the story of the franchise.' Now, it's kind of hard not to recognize [Johnson's] contribution to the story of the franchise."

Jones sorry for the breakup with Johnson

Recently, Jones admitted that he messed up and that led to the Johnson departure.

"Ridiculous. My role here was, my job was to keep it together," Jones said, later choking up. "It was my job. Should have had deference to something that was working good. Those are the things that come to my mind.

We had a great run of it. He's a great coach, and I'm proud to have him as a friend, and proud to have had the times that we had. We just had a great experience." Jones is about to fulfill his promise to Johnson.

"I think other people think about the Ring of Honor a lot more than I do," Johnson said. "Jerry's told me numerous times he's going to put me in the Ring of Honor, and I think that day will come whenever Jerry feels like it, which is fine with me.

I know what we were able to accomplish, and I'm very proud of that." Many believed the Cowboys would have won a few more Super Bowls had Johnson remained the head coach. "Our successes wouldn't have happened and every player that was on those teams knows that -- Michael [Irvin] and Emmitt [Smith] and everyone else.

It took both of these guys in order for us to achieve," Hall of Fame quarterback Troy Aikman said on the pregame show. "Jimmy couldn't have been the coach he was had it not been for Jerry and his ownership, and Jerry wouldn't have been the owner he was had it not been for Jimmy as the head coach.

And we were the beneficiaries of that. I'm just glad to see these two together. It's what we've all been hoping for."