Packers' Jordan Love: I was preparing like Aaron Rodgers would not come back

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Packers' Jordan Love: I was preparing like Aaron Rodgers would not come back

Second-year quarterback Jordan Love hopes to one day be the Green Bay Packers' starter but he is happy to have Aaron Rodgers back. Rodgers, who was holding out this offseason from the Packers, showed up to training camp and he is set to play in Green Bay for at least one more season.

"Obviously there's going to be either two options: Either he was going to be back or he wasn't," Love said of Rodgers on Thursday in his first public comments since training camp opened on July 28, per ESPN.

"So yeah, I mean, it's obviously very great to have Aaron back just on this team. Obviously he's a huge presence at the quarterback position and in the locker room as well and then as a leader on the team, so it's great to have him back."

Had Rodgers not showed up, Love would be the Packers' starter in 2021. "Actually, the whole time I had to convince myself that I was going to be the starter," Love said. "That's the only way you can look at that situation.

I feel like if you don't, you won't be ready. That's how I looked at it the whole way - is in my head he wasn't coming back, I've got to get myself ready to be the starter."

Love improving each day

"It was funny, I was talking to him in pre-practice today just about how things are going, and he seems so calm this year," Packers guard Lucas Patrick said Thursday.

"You can tell that he's picking up on everything, and I think those OTAs reps were crucial for him. Just a ton of reps to say the cadence, say the play call, go through things, hit strikes on quick stuff. Yeah, so I think he's handling it well."

Love was taken in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft and he was drafted to be the successor of Rodgers in Green Bay. "I kind of feel like that's just who I am; I'm a pretty calm person," Love said. "I try to stay as calm as I can be and like I said, things happen and whether I was going to be the starter going into the season or I'm not, I try and be the same dude every day, not get worked up over those things and just try and prepare like I'm the starter."