Bears' Nick Foles speaks on potential trade to Colts

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Bears' Nick Foles speaks on potential trade to Colts

Chicago Bears quarterback Nick Foles has admitted that he feels nothing but love for Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich but then underlined that he is still a member of the Bears. On Monday, Colts quarterback Carson Wentz underwent a surgery and Foles' name immediately started popping up as a potential replacement.

“Listen, Frank Reich is one of my favorite, if not my favorite, coaches of all time. He understands me as a player,” Foles said, per Total Pro Sports. “He understands me as a person. But you know, I haven’t had any talks with them.

I’m a Chicago Bear right now. But he knows me, he understands”. Foles is currently the third-string quarterback on the Bears roster. “In this league, I don’t want to go to someone that I don’t know.

I don’t want to … Listen, great coaches, when you have a great coaching staff, it’s something special,” Foles said. “A big reason we were great in Philly was we had a great coaching staff. They put us in a position to succeed, and it showed.

Everyone can say it showed. That being said, I don’t want to just go somewhere where I don’t know ’em, I don’t know the offense. I’ve gone down that road before, and it’s not fun”.

Matt Nagy praised Foles

Last week, Bears head coach Nagy said that Foles has been acting like a true professional.

"I would say probably 95% of people in Nick's situation would handle it completely opposite of the way he's handled it, from the time that I brought him in and told him that he was going be the third-string quarterback," Nagy said.

"And I have to give so much credit to him because he accepted it. He understood it. Was he happy about it? No. But he understood it. ... From the time we got to OTAs until now, we all talked about how impressed we are with how he's handled himself in that role.

"I mean, every rep he gets, which isn't a lot, but every rep he gets, he acts like he's the first-string quarterback. He comes in in the morning and gets his workouts in super early. He stays after practice and gets conditioning in.

He told me that right now, he's in the best shape physically and mentally that he's been in his career. Honestly, that was shocking to me, because you never know where a guy's going to come into the summer or after the summer, and he's done everything in his power. It's been really neat, and he's been great for Justin and Andy."