Cowboys' Dak Prescott insists he is not worried about shoulder strain

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Cowboys' Dak Prescott insists he is not worried about shoulder strain

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott insists he is feeling well and he is not worried about his right latissimus strain. Prescott didn't practice the last two days but he said he would practice and play if it were a regular season.

"I think I'd do whatever is necessary and take the steps that were needed to make sure I was ready for Sunday if that's when it was or Monday or whenever the game would be," Prescott said, per ESPN. "I know I'd get myself there one way or the other and be able to perform the way I want to."

Prescott pulled himself from Wednesday's practice after feeling soreness in his throwing arm. "I didn't want to work through and making something small worse and bigger than it has to be," Prescott said.

Prescott could resume throwing in a couple of days. "It's making a deep throw or an aggressive throw right now that I don't want risk," he said. He will not practice Saturday or Sunday. The Cowboys are off on Monday and will practice Tuesday before departing for Canton, Ohio, and the Hall of Fame Game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Cowboys coach Mike McCarthy hopes Prescott soon returns

"Honestly I'm just going to let the rehab process answer that question," McCarthy said. "I'm really focused on him getting back. It's not an issue but you would definitely bring him back later than sooner mindset as far as the way we look at it."

Prescott underlined that he is receiving a proper treatment for his injury. "I am a little bummed about it, but still being active and still seeing the defense and still being a part of everything," Prescott said.

"So it's not like anything that the ankle was. So I know I will be fine. I know I am doing the treatment. I am doing everything necessary to make sure I will be just fine. I am not worried about that. It's not anything I worry about lingering or causing problems.

Not even near the same aspect of the ankle and the time I had to take from that." Elsewhere, new Houston Texans quarterback Tyrod Taylor insists he has a good relationship with Deshaun Watson. "Me and Deshaun are friends," Taylor said.

"We've known each other for a number of years now. We've had conversations on the field, off the field. Non-football, about life. Everything has been positive conversations and they'll continue to be that way."