Bears HC Matt Nagy: I understand other teams' interest in Nick Foles

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Bears HC Matt Nagy: I understand other teams' interest in Nick Foles

Chicago Bears head coach Mat Nagy has said that he absolutely understants why teams would be interested in their quarterback Nick Foles. The Bears signed Andy Dalton this offseason and selected Justin Fields in the NFL draft.

After those two moves, coach Nagy told Foles that he would be their third-string quarterback for the 2021 season. "And you're talking about a Super Bowl MVP and a guy that's started a lot of games," Nagy said before Saturday's practice, per ESPN.

"He's had a really interesting career in so many ways that I just think that he deserves that. I mean, anybody that's had the career he has is somebody that's always going to be ... for all teams, as a third string guy, teams are going to look at guys like him."

Coach Nagy insists he and Foles don't talk about a potential trade. "I don't talk to him about that; he doesn't talk to me about it," Nagy said. "We just don't go there because, again, that's out of our control.

He's worrying about doing everything he can to just be great for us, and that's what I like about our relationship. He's happy with where he's at here and he's in a good place."

Nagy praises Foles

"I would say probably 95% of people in Nick's situation would handle it completely opposite of the way he's handled it, from the time that I brought him in and told him that he was going be the third-string quarterback," Nagy said.

"And I have to give so much credit to him because he accepted it. He understood it. Was he happy about it? No. But he understood it. ... From the time we got to OTAs until now, we all talked about how impressed we are with how he's handled himself in that role.

"I mean, every rep he gets, which isn't a lot, but every rep he gets, he acts like he's the first-string quarterback. He comes in in the morning and gets his workouts in super early. He stays after practice and gets conditioning in.

He told me that right now, he's in the best shape physically and mentally that he's been in his career. Honestly, that was shocking to me, because you never know where a guy's going to come into the summer or after the summer, and he's done everything in his power. It's been really neat, and he's been great for Justin and Andy."