Raiders HC Jon Gruden speaks highly of quarterback Derek Carr

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Raiders HC Jon Gruden speaks highly of quarterback Derek Carr

Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden insists he is happy with quarterback Derek Carr and the team is not looking for an upgrade at the quarterback position. “Well you just can’t worry about some of the swirling conversations,” Gruden said, per Pro Football Talk.

“I was a part of those swirling conversations for nine years. You know, we have to earn our money. So don’t pay attention to everything that’s being written. Derek knows what he’s all about and what kind of quarterback he is.

So just try not to listen to the elevator music and worry about the things you can’t control. “He’s a heck of a guy. He’s a really mentally tough guy. And he’s a really good quarterback that is really starting to play great for us.

And I think people are starting to recognize that”.

Gruden wants more from Darren Waller

Waller has turned into one of the best tight ends in the NFL and Gruden wants to exploit him even more in 2021. “We got to continue to build around him,” Gruden said.

“We got to get some of our young receivers to take pressure off of him and we’ve put some more things in our playbook. We are going to be a lot more demanding of Waller going forward. We got to continue to try to probe some matchups and get him places where we can get him the ball.

“He’s just got to keep being Darren Waller. He has done an incredible job of playing wide receiver, tight end, in the slot. He’s come out of the backfield. He’s smart, he’s versatile. He’s a complete player.

He can block, pass protect. I’ve never been around a guy that is that unselfish, that talented and that versatile and that complete”. Elsewhere, All-Pro cornerback Xavien Howard has requested a trade from the Miami DOlphins.

"I want to clear up a few misconceptions about my situation. My agent David Canter and I have never once asked for a completely new contract. We wanted things to work out with the Dolphins, and brought solutions to the table -- like guaranteeing more money -- that we felt were win-wins for both sides.

These were proposals of adjustments that wouldn't just make me feel more respected, but were also cap friendly. But the Dolphins refused everything we proposed. "That is why I don't feel the organization has dealt with me in good faith.

I don't feel valued or respected by the Dolphins. Just like they take a business-first approach, so can I. That is why I want to make it clear I'm not happy, and have requested a trade. Until that trade happens, I am just here so I don't get fined, and will handle myself like professionals do."