Jalen Ramsey reveals what led to his department from Jacksonville Jaguars


Jalen Ramsey reveals what led to his department from Jacksonville Jaguars
Jalen Ramsey reveals what led to his department from Jacksonville Jaguars

Los Angeles Rams cornerback Jalen Ramsey has revealed what led to his departure from the Jacksonville Jagurs. In 2019, Ramsey requested a trade and the Jaguars traded him to the Rams a month later. At the time, Jaguars team president was Tom Coughlin and Jaguars general manager was Dave Caldwell.

“I get in the office and it’s Tony (Khan), Shad (Khan), Tom Coughlin, and Dave Caldwell,” Ramsey said in the Catching Fades podcast with Aqib Talib. “It’s four of them in there and then it’s just me and they were like standing like in a semi-circle just all looking at me.

So I’m hot now, like, first of all, you told me it was just you and pops and now I’m in here [with Coughlin and Caldwell as well]. “Shad started to speak first and was very respectful. You know ‘Jalen we got a lot of respect for you, we’ve got a lot of respect for your game’ this, that whoop-de-whoop… ‘Are you and Doug going to be good? We don’t want anything going on between a key player and our head coach.’ I’m like ‘We good.

It is what it is and that’s just part of the game. We’re moving on. “Tom Coughlin didn’t say nothing the whole time. He was just sitting there staring at me, like trying to give me one of those little ‘I’m going to intimidate you’ kind of looks, but I don’t care about none of that.

So I’m just sitting there staring right at him too. Tony said something, too, and was real respectful, again. Basically repeated what his dad said and kind of kept it moving like ‘Man we really think y’all should talk before anybody talks to the media.

Y’all two should talk just to make sure y’all good and maybe you need to apologize to him.’ “And then I told him, I said ‘Respectfully, I’m not about to apologize to him.’ I said, ‘That’s a part of the game.

Emotions get high and we might get into it. It ain’t no beef, ain’t nothing going on between us. Me and coach good. We’ve always been good. I ain’t about to apologize to him for having high emotions during the game.’ He was like ‘OK, I respect it.

Just think about it.’

Ramsey says then everything changed

“So then Dave Caldwell, who was the GM at the time, he took the total opposite — I guess they were in there playing good cop, bad cop. He took the total opposite approach,” Ramsey said.

“He started cussing and started trying to cuss me out, like ‘You need to go [expletive] apologize.’ “I said ‘No, that ain’t happening.’ And then he said something else, but I forgot what he said.

You know how when you’re in shock sometimes, you give like that little laugh, like ‘He’s crazy.’ So, I gave him a little grin and he’s like ‘Oh, is this funny to you?’ And I just started shaking my head, and then he was like, ‘Well, just get the [expletive] out!’.

And he opened the door, and I just walked out like laughing a little bit, and he slammed the door behind me”. Ramsey then decided to call his agent and request a trade from the Jagurs. “You [his agent] can call them and tell them or I’ll walk in tomorrow in the morning and I’ll go talk to them about it and I’ll tell them,” Ramsey said.

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