2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson aims to play until 40

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2012 NFL MVP Adrian Peterson aims to play until 40

Washington Football Team coach Ron Rivera says running back Adrian Peterson is bringing to the team exactly what he hoped he would. Peterson, a seven-time Pro Bowl running back, turned 35 years in March but he is set to be a key part of Washington offense this upcoming season.

"He’s showing exactly what I hoped for, and that’s setting the tone,” coach Rivera said of Peterson, per Pro Football Talk. “In a couple of situations where we’re running the ball downhill and you look at some of these defenses, especially when you’re on tape and you see an arm come out, you just know Adrian’s running through that arm.

You know he’s going to break those arm tackles. He’s going to pick up four, five, six yards on second down. That’s what you want. That’s what he’s here for — to set the tone, set the tempo for our offense as a physical team”.

Peterson claims his ankle is OK

2012 NFL MVP Peterson has played through plenty of injuries over the last several seasons but he is still going strong. When asked about his ankle, the 2012 NFL Offensive Player of the Year claimed everything's fine.

"Everything is good,” Peterson told reporters. “My left ankle got kind of twisted up and caught. Thank God it came free. That little expression you heard was when it was tweaked and then came free. I was like, ‘Thank you Jesus.’ It could’ve been bad.

But, yeah, I’m good”. Recently, Peterson revealed his goal for the rest of his career is to win a Super Bowl and break Emmitt Smith's all-time rushing yards record. Breaking Smith's all-time record appears to be a long shot as Peterson needs 4,139 yards but he hopes to play five more years in the league.

"It’s my second home,” Peterson said. “I’m going into my third year. It’s something I was thinking about the other day. . . . The love has already been shown from Maryland to Virginia and even Baltimore.

I’m just excited. The fan base here is incredible. They show a lot of support. They remind me all the time how much they appreciate what I do when I’m out there on the field and how I play. I’m just enjoying it and embracing it. God willing it’ll be five more years”.