Broncos' Von Miller shows confidence in Drew Lock, Terry Bridgewater

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Broncos' Von Miller shows confidence in Drew Lock, Terry Bridgewater
Broncos' Von Miller shows confidence in Drew Lock, Terry Bridgewater (Provided by Sport World News)

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller has acknowledged that it's up to the team's front office to get a deal done should Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers get available. However, Miller is comfortable with Drew Lock and Terry Bridgewater.

“What have I heard?” the star pass rusher told Mike Klis of 9News on Sunday. “First and foremost, I’m comfortable with Drew. I’m comfortable with Teddy. G.P. (General Manager George Paton) and (president of football operations) John Elway.

If A-Rod is out there for us to get him, those are the two guys to have on the job. “John Elway, he’s done a great job of working the big-time guys before — Peyton (Manning) and DeMarcus (Ware) and Aqib (Talib) — all these other guys.

So if there’s a guy to be had, G.P. and John Elway are the two to put on it, if it can be done. If it can’t, I’m comfortable with Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater. They’ve impressed the hell out of me and impressed the hell out of everybody during OTAs."

Miller confident in Lock and Bridgewater

“So I’m super excited for those guys.

Another year for Drew Lock, I think this will be the time for him to turn it on. So either way we go, it’s looking bright for us," Miller added. Elsewhere, the Washington Football Team has announced they won't consider "Warriors" an option for their new name.

"In sum, this engagement demonstrated to us a consensus that moving forward with no ties to Native American imagery is the right path. I am personally and deeply grateful for the Native American community leaders who engaged with us, sharing painful, raw and real stories that persist to this day.

Their stories affirmed our decision to move in a new direction in the creation of our new name and identity, and we are proudly forging ahead in this journey with a promise to our community -- a promise to continue to be inclusive in our process and collaborative with our fans," Washington Football Team President Jason Wright wrote.

The Warriors emerged as an option for the new name. "One might look at this name as a natural, and even harmless transition considering that it does not necessarily or specifically carry a negative connotation. But as we learned through our research and engagement with various groups, 'context matters' and that makes it a 'slippery slope,'" Wright wrote.

"Feedback from across communities we engaged clearly revealed deep-seated discomfort around Warriors, with the clear acknowledgment that it too closely aligns with Native American themes. Such an embrace of potentially Native-adjacent iconography and imagery would not represent a clear departure that many communities have so forcefully advocated for us to embrace, and that frankly, we set out to do when we started this process a year ago."