Seahawks' Branden Jackson knocked unconscious in scrimmage

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Seahawks' Branden Jackson knocked unconscious in scrimmage

Seattle Seahawks defensive Branden Jackson was knocked unconscious early in Saturday's scrimmage and head coach Pete Carroll called it a scrimmage after only several reps. Jackson, who went undrafted in the 2016 NFL draft, signed with the Las Vegas Raiders in 2016 but since 2017 he has been a member of the Seahawks franchise.

After the freak injury happened, Seahawks coach Carroll made sure the team took every precaution and everything that had to be done in order to help Jackson. "I didn't catch the replay, but he hit heads, I think, with Cedric and it might have caught him in the chin with his helmet, and it was like a knockout punch is what it was," Carroll said, per ESPN.

"So we took all the precautions and took care of him. He had movement and all that kind of stuff, but we still needed to do the right thing and totally take care of him until we know more."

Russell Wilson hopes Jackson will be OK

The NFL season starts in two weeks and teams are doing their last preparations for the upcoming season.

But after the Jackson injury occurred, Seahawks coach Carroll thought the right thing was to call off the rest of the scrimmage. "I didn't think it was right to try to get everybody cranked back up again and go back out," he said.

"We didn't need to do that, but we had gotten enough done. We'll take the plays that we got and what we learned from it. We accomplished the things we needed to accomplish coming to the stadium." Seahawks quarterback Wilson hopes his teammate Jackson will be fine and soon ready to return to the field.

"I'm praying that he'll be OK," quarterback Russell Wilson said, adding, "I believe he'll be OK, it sounds like." In two drives that took place in the scrimmage, Wilson went 8-of-13, including a touchdown pass to wide receiver DK Metcalf.

"We didn't get a whole bunch of plays today, but we got sequences and we got situations and we got enough third downs to challenge Russ and the offense over there, so there was some really good things that happened," Carroll said.

"Everything went really well other than that we got BJ knocked out. That was terribly unfortunate." In Week 1, the Seahawks will face the Atlanta Falcons.