D.J. Chark: Jaguars will create winning culture under Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence

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D.J. Chark: Jaguars will create winning culture under Urban Meyer, Trevor Lawrence

Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver D.J. Chark insists his team will perform much better this coming season than they did last year. The Jaguars, who finished last season with a 1-15 record, hired new coach Urban Meyer and used their No.

1 pick to select quarterback Trevor Lawrence. “The 1-15 season is somewhere that we don’t want to go back,” Chark told Omar Ruiz of NFL Network. “Everyone that’s here understands that. The guys that came in came from a lot of winning programs so we’re trying to develop that winning culture and just that camaraderie here and I think we’re going to do really good.

I think we’re gonna shock a lot of people. I’m not one of the people that’s huge on setting record goals or anything like that, or saying how many wins or losses we’re gonna have but we’re gonna be an exciting football team, for sure”.

Chark praises new Jaguars quarterback Lawrence

“I think we have a lot to prove but I think it’s gonna come together real smooth,” Chark said. “And definitely being able to have Trevor back there, it’s crazy how that he’s so young and so talented.

So, the sky is the limit, really, with us right now. We don’t know how great we can be but we know we can be great, for sure”. Elsewhere, Los Angeles Chargers head coach Brandon Staley wants to run his offense through second-year quarterback Justin Herbert.

“I wanted our offense to run through Justin Herbert,” Staley said. “I wanted him to make it work and I think that’s what’s been fun to sort of get started”. The Chargers plan to let Herbert create on the field.

“I think that ultimately, those are the most dangerous quarterbacks you defend, where the quarterback becomes the system,” Staley said. “Studying the great players that have played that position and guys I’ve looked up to from a coaching standpoint like Jimmy Johnson, Bill Belichick, Pete Carroll, Mike Tomlin, Jim Harbaugh.

Bill Parcells is a guy that since I was a little kid I’ve always admired, their quarterbacks have all played really, really well”. The Chargers offense won't change much this coming season. “[T]hey’ve had continuity with their head coach and they’ve had continuity with their systems,” Staley said regarding great quarterbacks.

“I think that that’s something a defensive coach can provide, and hopefully I can provide it to our team. Not just to Justin Herbert, but to our team, [provide] that other side, that extra education that hopefully can sort of complete their thinking and help us be the team we’re capable of being”.