Colts' Carson Wentz on mental health: NFL players also need someone to open up to

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Colts' Carson Wentz on mental health: NFL players also need someone to open up to

Indianapolis Colts quarterback Carson Wentz has publicly said that NFL players should feel free to admit when they are battling some type of mental health issue. Wentz, who has been one of the most criticised players in the league over the last year, has good friends and circle to which he can open up when he is battling something.

“It’s sad that it wasn’t socially acceptable, but I think it’s more understood because I think everyone can relate,” Wentz said, per Pro Football Talk. “I think it’s OK, and people are realizing that it’s OK, to not be OK and to talk about it.

Everyone’s got somebody in their life, whether it’s a counselor, teammate, friend, brother, wife, pastor, whatever that is, and if they don’t have that hopefully they can find that. I’ve been fortunate to have people in my life when things are going south or I’m struggling, to have an honest conversation, to refocus and reframe my mindset, and I think that’s so important for everybody, but especially in the NFL with all the pressures and all the things that get thrown at us it’s definitely been acceptable.

You see guys being honest and open and vulnerable, not all the time, but it’s becoming a little bit more normal and OK and I think it’s encouraging for people to see that, you know, us big strong football players can be vulnerable, can be real people that go through real stuff and that it’s OK to say ‘I’m struggling.’”

Wentz happy in Indianapolis

After a disastrous 2020 season with the Philadelphia Eagles, Wentz was traded to the Colts.

“I really feel like I have a new passion for the game,” Wentz said, via Jonathan X. Simmons of the Indianapolis Star. “I’ve been high, I’ve been injured, I’ve been, now, benched, I’ve been traded, I’ve kinda seen a lot in five years, so whatever the game throws at me I’m ready”.

Elsewhere, Jacksonville Jaguars cornerback Shaquill Griffin is confident his team will have a big season defensively. “I’m glad I’m a part of this group,” Griffin said, via John Oehser of the team’s website.

“Man, there are some special things that are going to come. I wish I could put it into words, but man, some special things will come out of this group, this DB group. “I’ll be ready to run through a brick wall for all these guys.

So, that’s the bond we’re trying to build. That’s someone I can trust and play with for sure, those guys”.