Cowboys QB Dak Prescott raves about rookie WR CeeDee Lamb

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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott raves about rookie WR CeeDee Lamb

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott considers rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb a "smart kid" and he is excited to have him as a new weapon in the team's offense. Lamb was projected to be a top-15 pick and the Cowboys didn't expect to draft him -- but when the opportunity presented to draft him at No.

17 the team had no doubts what to do. "He's a smart kid -- a smart individual," Prescott said, per CBS Sports. "He's been picking it all up, whether it's adjustments from the formations and plays, that hasn't slowed him down or slowed his game down any bit at all.

I mean, he's just an athletic player -- very, very gifted [with] good hands. "He has a great feel for the game. I think that's probably the most impressive thing, to be a young rookie playing in the slot and just have a feel for the game and know where to be.

I think that's going to go a long way and serve him really well in this league."

Prescott confident the trust between him and Lamb will quickly develop

"Not too long," Prescott said. "Not too long when a guy is going out there and lining up in the right place, running the right routes, [and] doing the right things.

I think that trust picks up and that trusts happens fast. I think you saw it with Amari Cooper a few years ago. "Great players have a way of getting open and that always makes that level of trust speed up even faster. These guys are smart individuals and they care about the game of football.

It's been easy and it's been fun. The trust is definitely gaining, whether it's a go ball, whether it's adjusted plays, he's gaining that trust." Prescott, a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback, believes that Lamb will be an integral part of Cowboys offense for the years to come.

"He's somebody, like I said, he's going to do well for us this season and in the future." Cowboys offensive coordinator Kellen Moore has been impressed by what he has seen from Lamb so far. "CeeDee, obviously everyone sees the talent," Moore said on Thursday.

"Everyone knows the talent, everyone has watched plenty of Oklahoma through the years. But I think he's a really smart football player. He has a great feel for the game and a lot of instincts to him that just come naturally. "Hopefully we can build on that and we're really excited for him.