Jaguars HC Urban Meyer refusing to name Trevor Lawrence as Day 1 starter

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Jaguars HC Urban Meyer refusing to name Trevor Lawrence as Day 1 starter

Jacksonville Jaguars head coach Urban Meyer has refused so far to name No. 1 pick Trevor Lawrence as Day 1 starter. The Jaguars, who had the top pick in the past NFL draft, selected Lawrence -- a move that surprised no one.

“He’s not ready yet, but he doesn’t have to be ready yet,” Meyer told Salmon. “We got a long training camp coming up. He’s probably advanced maybe a little quicker than we would’ve thought, so which was a positive.

One thing that we worked on — when we made a decision that Trevor was going to be our No. 1 pick, we went from the evaluation stage to the preparation stage. And that means that I want to see — I can’t remember the exact date, but we started installing the playbook with him well before the draft.

So you can see the retention, he’s got a really good work ethic and he’s progressed very well”.

Coach Meyer 'knows a lot' about Lawrence

“I knew a lot about Trevor,” Meyer said. “I think we all did.

Obviously, I was in the college game for so many years. I’m really close with Dabo Swinney, his former head coach. And really, I’ve seen him up close and live and in person several times. So I knew a lot about him, but I think one of the most refreshing things is he’s worried about one thing.

He’s married. He has no distractions, which is amazing to me. In 2021, the world’s about distractions, and there is none with him. It’s our job to keep it that way. His focus is on being a good husband, being strong in his faith and winning games, and that’s really cool”.

Meanwhile, San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle explained why Jaguars tight end Tim Tebow wasn't invited to the Tight End University. "If I can't invite every tight end, how do I not invite a second- or third-string guy on a team that's been playing tight end since he was 18 years old in high school?" Kittle said.

"Nothing against Tim Tebow. I hope that he has incredible success this year. I hope he has 10 touchdowns. I hope he has a great year, but it's hard for me to invite someone to this that just started playing the position when I can't invite a guy that's been playing it for eight to 10 years. That's just hard for me."