Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski 'confident' and back to being fully healthy

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Buccaneers' Rob Gronkowski 'confident' and back to being fully healthy

Tampa Bay Buccaneers tight end Rob Gronkowski says he is back to being fully healthy and he is excited about his return to the football field. Gronkowski, who won three Super Bowl rings with the New England Patriots, retired after the 2018 season but came out of retirement this offseason to join Tom Brady in Tampa Bay.

"I'm feeling good out there," Gronkowski said, per ESPN. "My body feels good -- that's why I came back to the game, and that's how I want to be moving. I want to be moving like how I was back in the day, no doubt about that.

Why ... would I want to come back to the game and be moving like poop? I'm here to move; I'm here to make plays; I'm here to block in the run game; I'm here to make plays in the pass game.

Gronkowski admitted it was a bit weird when he returned to the practice court

"Let me tell you, at first, the first couple practices, it definitely felt a little weird," Gronkowski said.

"The game was really fast when I first got out there again; the defense felt really fast. And as time goes on, as the days go on, I feel better about myself being out there. My confidence keeps going up; the game's slowing down; I'm starting to pick up the offense more.

But overall, it's going good, but I've got so much more to work on and so much more to improve on; but I am really glad to be here, man." Throughout his career, Gronkowski dealt with various injuries and that led to his sudden retirement at the age of 29.

But he is now fully healthy and he says there is no need to limit his minutes. "I'll play the whole entire game if I have to," Gronkowski said. "I don't see why that would be a problem; I've never not played basically every snap in my career.

But if it's not the whole entire game, if they pull me out for some snaps, some rest, I'm cool with whatever the coaches' game plan is." Gronkowski also added that Brady, who spent his first 20 NFL season with the Patriots, looks determined to achieve more success.

"From my eyes, just looking at him, he looks refreshed; he looks ready to go, he looks ready to play every single day, and he's motivated every day, and it's nice to see," Gronkowski said. "The way Tom works, it's never gonna change; he just loves the game of football. But I can definitely say he has embraced this new challenge."