Browns' Baker Mayfield: Extension with Brown will handle itself

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Browns' Baker Mayfield: Extension with Brown will handle itself

Cleveland Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield is in no rush to get a deal done with his team as he insists that "everything happens for a reasons." Mayfield, who was selected at No. 1 in the 2018 NFL draft, led the Browns to a playoffs appearance and a win in the wild-card round last season.

Mayfield became eligible for an extension this offseason as the Browns picked up his fifth-year option. "Everything happens for a reason and it'll handle itself," said Mayfield, who became eligible for an extension this offseason.

"So, just worried about winning." After the season, the Browns spoke positively of Mayfield. "We have been pretty consistent with our messaging around Baker that we think he had a really strong season for us," Browns general manager Andrew Berry said in March.

"We like the maturation and the growth, both on and off the field."

Mayfield doesn't want to bother himself with the extension talk

"The chips will fall where they're supposed to," Mayfield said.

"The concern right now is winning and building a strong foundation for the season. That's what everyone in this building should be concerned about." Elsewhere, there is a chance Chicago Bears wide receiver Allen Robinson plays the next season under franchise tag.

"I don't have any [contract] updates or nothing like that," Robinson said on a videoconference call on Wednesday. "That's not in my control, if I don't [get a long-term deal]. That being a possibility [of playing on the one-year franchise tag], then, I mean, that is what it is and I'm comfortable with that.

Obviously, that's a possibility. That's fine. It is what it is. As I said before, my main focus now is continuing to be better and get better." Bears head coach Matt Naggy was happy to have Robinson at minicamp. "It was really good [to have Robinson rejoin the team this week]," head coach Matt Nagy said.

"You guys know I have a really good relationship with A-Rob, and anytime you have that quality of player that shows back up and gets out here in the huddle and just that experience that he brings, he just has such a quiet calm and confidence to him that you can see the guys out there throwing him the football and the things he's doing, he just slides on in.

The one sneaky thing about A-Rob that I think is pretty cool is, No. 1, even if he's not here, you know he's working his tail off, and No. 2, he's always in great shape, and we noticed that."