Eagles QB Carson Wentz comparing rookie WR Jalen Reagor to NFL's best receivers

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Eagles QB Carson Wentz comparing rookie WR Jalen Reagor to NFL's best receivers

Philadelphia Eagles rookie wide receiver Jalen Reagor says the team's starting quarterback Carson Wentz is already comparing to some of the league's most talented wide receivers of the game. Reagor, the 21st overall pick of this past NFL draft, has great speed and athleticism and the Eagles hope that they have found themselves a future star receiver.

The Eagles struggled mightily with injuries last season and Wentz was left without most of his starting receivers. Reagor says he and Wentz have been building a good relationship both on and off the field. "Every receiver is different and has a different way of running routes and he (Wentz) embraces that about me.

He tells me 'You're this type of guy, I see it,'" Reagor said after practice Tuesday, per CBS Sports. "We watch a lot of clips with our routes and stuff like that and he just is like, 'You're explosive like Julio (Jones).

You can run fast. You can jump high.' So he compares me to a lot of receivers. "He's just saying certain routes, certain people can't run. He's like, 'You can run those routes.' He's putting it up there.

He's putting it on me. He's putting it all on me so I'm willing to get better every day and work on it."

Reagor not lacking confidence

Reagor, the Big 12 Freshman of the Year in 2017, is excited about his rookie season as he absolutely believes he can do big things in the league.

"Confidence is me. I walk around with confidence, I have confidence. That's natural to me." Reagor said. "For him to see that in me, it just drives me to go harder." Meanwhile, 2019 NFL MVP Lamar Jackson is endorsing his team's pursuit of three-time Pro Bowl wide receiver Dez Bryant.

Bryant hasn't played in the league for the past two seasons but now he feels ready to play after overcoming mental health issues. Bryant admitted last year he wasn't ready to return as he was battling anxiety and depression.

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Jackson would love to see Bryant on his team. "We've got a lot of great receivers on the team right now," Jackson said Tuesday, via the Ravens website. "It's up to the front office.

I've been seeing Dez Bryant on Instagram and stuff like that, running his routes, competing against cornerbacks. He's looking pretty good on social media. If the front office likes him, we'll have to see when he gets here."