Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb: Goal to have three 1,000-yard receivers this season

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Cowboys' CeeDee Lamb: Goal to have three 1,000-yard receivers this season

Dallas Cowboys rookie wide receiver CeeDee Lamb is having big expectations for his rookie season in the NFL as he is hoping to reach the 1,000 yard mark. The Cowboys, who selected Lamb at No. 17 in this year's NFL draft, added another huge asset to their catching game.

Last year, Cowboys wide receivers Amari Cooper and Michael Gallup each caught for more than 1,000 yards. Lamb hopes he, Cooper and Gallup will all enjoy a 1,000 yard season. "I think that’s very realistic. That’s definitely what we’re pushing for,” Lamb said, via the Dallas Morning News.

“We talk about it a lot on the field, just kind of understanding the personnel that we have, the different type of characteristics in each other’s games”.

Cowboys suffer a big blow

Gerald McCoy, a six-time Pro Bowl defensive tackle, suffered a season-ending quad injury and he required a surgery.

McCoy, who has been one of the best players at his position over the last decade, signed a three-year deal with the Cowboys this offseason and he was expected to have a big role in their defense. "Just want the fans to know I truly appreciate the warm welcome and I'm sorry this happened," McCoy wrote.

"The Jones family opened their doors to an old vet to have an opportunity to come and help this team win, and I was beyond excited to be a Cowboy. I was really looking forward to this amazing opportunity we have in front of us.

I will remain the mentor I am to the young guys and do my part to make sure that this team goes where it needs to. "As far as my mindset, people deal with real-life problems every day especially now with the state of our country.

There is a lot of pain and heartache taking place right now that all our attention needs to go toward whether it is the pandemic or our fight for social justice. In retrospect, what I'm dealing with is minimal compared to that.

Therefore, this is light work for me. Anybody who knows me knows I love a challenge. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! I will be back better. LET'S GET IT!!" Just before his surgery, McCoy sent a clear message to the Cowboys. "I just want to say I'm still smiling," he said in an Instagram post.

"Surgery's about to happen. To my teammates and coaches, y'all go get it. Got a championship to go win."