Bears' Mitch Trubisky determined to prove doubters wrong after horrible 2019 season

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Bears' Mitch Trubisky determined to prove doubters wrong after horrible 2019 season

Chicago Bears coach Matt Nagy is positive about what he has seen from Mitch Trubisky so far but says it's still early to determine whether the quarterback became a better player. "We don't have enough right now," Nagy said on Tuesday during a Zoom call with Chicago media, per ESPN.

"I wish I could tell you we had enough. But there's just not enough with where we're at. We need to see more. I can't give you a fair statement or opinion with that. "I'm excited to see some more team periods.

Maybe a little more red zone, some two-minute, four-minute, situational football to truly say that. I'd ask for a little bit more time on that with him. But again, the mental side of it, decision-making, where he's going -- so far, so good.

But we want to now continue to just see that get better and better to where we have 100 percent accuracy with that -- with both quarterbacks. They're both competing the right way. But I would say, realistically, we just need a little bit more time to be able to compare it to the last two years."

Trubisky motivated to prove the doubters wrong

Trubisky, the second overall pick of the 2017 NFL draft, finished near the bottom of the NFL in most statistical categories last year. This offseason, the Bears refused to move on from Trubisky but added Super Bowl quarterback Nick Foles to be a competition for the former second overall pick.

"The biggest thing we're looking for right now as a coaching staff between both of those quarterbacks is tempo, in and out of the huddle," Nagy said. "Obviously, when you're going through different plays and different pre-snap motions and shifts, or not and just line up and go, there's moving parts now through the defense and so that element of new players and all that put together, we want to see the tempo in and out of the huddle at a really good speed."

In 2018, the Bears went 12-4 in the regular season after a great season by Trubisky and the quarterback wants to return to his old form. "I think [me having an edge this year] is a combination of everything, just realizing this is the last year of my contract," Trubisky said on Tuesday.

"Being hurt last year and not playing up to my own expectations, I think going 8-8, having a quarterback competition, and just the desire to want to go out to continue to chase greatness."