Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes: I'd like to go 20-0 in season

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Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes: I'd like to go 20-0 in season

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is making a great recovery from a turf toe surgery. If there was a game played today, 2020 Super Bowl MVP Mahomes would be able to play. The Chiefs made the Super Bowl last season but stood no chance against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as the Buccaners won 31-9.

"If there was a game [today], I'd be able to play in it, I think,'' said Mahomes, who had surgery in February to repair turf toe. "There's still stuff I'm going to have to work through. I have to continue to rehab, continue to keep strengthening that stuff.

But it's good to be able to get out there earlier than the schedule had me and be able to get some work in.' '

There is one record Mahomes would like to break

Mahomes underlined that he only cares about winning Super Bowls but admitted that he would love to go 20-0 in a season.

"I believe the question I was asked is, what record did I want to break?'' Mahomes said. "To me, records don't mean anything if you're not winning that last game at the end of the season. It's about going in every single week with the mindset that we're trying to win, we're going to win.

And at the end of the day whatever the record is, if it's 20-0 or wherever it is, you win that last game of the season and you're going to be happy with whatever happened earlier in the season. "People get all hyped up about saying 20-0 because you have to take it one week at a time, but at the end of the day you want to continue to win every single week.

I'm not going into the season hoping I lose any games." Elsewhere, Buccaneers quarterback coach Clyde Christensen suspected that quarterback Tom Brady was hampered by a knee issue during the whole 2020 season. "I don't think he was 100 percent last year," Christensen said, relaying a conversation he had with Brady the morning after the Bucs won Super Bowl LV.

"His quote, or close to a quote was, 'Hey, I'm gonna get my knee fixed up and I'm gonna be better next year and you're gonna be excited about that.' "Performance-wise, you wanna feel good. I think that thing was a nagging nuisance to him, having to tape it every day, just make sure he had that thing loose. So I think he's excited about just feeling good again."