Lamar Jackson wants Super Bowl ring and to stay with Ravens 'forever'

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Lamar Jackson wants Super Bowl ring and to stay with Ravens 'forever'

Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson has said that he would like to spend the rest of his career in Baltimore. Jackson, who was selected in the first round of the 2018 NFL draft, has had a few big seasons in Baltimore but he has yet to lead the team to a Super Bowl appearance.

"I would love to be here forever," Jackson said after Wednesday's offseason practice, per ESPN. "I love Baltimore. I love the whole organization. I love everybody in the building. Hopefully, we'll be making something happen pretty soon whenever."

Jackson and the Ravens have yet to agree on an extension but the quarterback isn't particularly concerned about his new contract at the moment. "I'm really focused on the season, and I'm focused on trying to win," Jackson said.

"I'm not really worried about if it gets done this year or next year. We're going to see. We don't know yet." Ravens wide receiver Marquise "Holywood" Brown claims the team mostly talks about the Super Bowl.

"I think the most we talk about is the Super Bowl," Brown said. "I'm pretty sure that Lamar wants to stay here. The Ravens want him here. If we win a Super Bowl, everybody can stay here."

The Ravens want to get a deal done with Jackson

"At some point, hopefully, we'll have some good news for everybody," Ravens general manager Eric DeCosta said last month.

Elsewhere, Buffalo Bills wide receiver Stefon Diggs has said that he would like to win five Super Bowl rings before he retires. Diggs, 27, arrived to the league in 2015 and so far he has a 4-4 record in the playoffs, losing in two championship games.

“I haven’t reached the mountain top yet. I always aim high. I want five Super Bowl rings,” Diggs told DC Magazine, via Jay Skurski of the Buffalo News. “I want the Hall of Fame. I want the glory. I believe I’m a champion.

But, more so, I want to carry some people along with me. I want my brother, Trevon, to have a good career. I want to give my mom a place where she can be comfortable. I want to give people jobs. I want to do more for D.C., my city.

The mountain top isn’t just for football; it’s for life in general. The more people I can help – that’s when I’ll look back and know I made a difference”.