Jaguars QB Trevoe Lawrence speaks extremely positively of Tim Tebow

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Jaguars QB Trevoe Lawrence speaks extremely positively of Tim Tebow

Jacksonville Jaguars rookie quarterback Trevor Lawrence has nothing but good to say of Tim Tebow as he is excited to have the 33-year-old on the team. Tebow, who hasn't played an NFL game in eight years, is set to return to the league after being signed as a tight end for the Jaguars.

Tebow previously played the quarterback position. "He looks great," Lawrence said on the AP Pro Football Podcast, per ESPN. "He's just a guy that you want to be around. Character is awesome. Had a few conversations with him and I can already tell, and [he's] just a hard worker.

No one is going to work harder than him. Those are the kind of guys you want in your locker room and you want to be around every day. And then I'm excited to see what he can do on the field as well. We got in a few days and he looks great.

He's in awesome shape."

Lawrence impressed by Tebow's work ethic

Jaguars head coach Urban Mayer coached Tebow at the University of Florida. Meyer believed that Tebow deserved another opportunity in the NFL.

"I never met Tim until last week, so I didn't really know him, but I was intrigued by his character, his work ethic and what he's been able to do throughout his life on the field and off the field," Lawrence said.

"All those things are really interesting, so I was excited to meet him. When it was official, I saw him in the locker room and had a few good conversations and I really like him." Mayer, one of the most accomplished college coaches, is now set to transition to the NFL.

"He's awesome, definitely a players' coach," Lawrence said of Meyer. "What I love is the expectations are very clear. There's no misconstruing anything. We know what's expected of us and he takes care of us.

He knows how to coach a football team, he knows how to win. And I think with any great leader, especially a coach, you got to have someone where communication is super detailed and precise. And he's definitely that way. Everyone's on the same page, and I just like the energy that he's bringing in here and that we're expecting to win this year.

We don't have a five-year plan. This isn't let's get a little bit better and then eventually we'll win. Let's win as soon as we can. Let's win now."