Cowboys' Dak Prescott: I could go out there now and be very successful

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Cowboys' Dak Prescott: I could go out there now and be very successful

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is feeling great at the moment as he insists he could play in a game right now. Early in the season, the Cowboys suffered a major blow when their starting quarterback Prescott suffered a compound fracture and dislocation of his right ankle that required surgery.

Prescott missed the rest of the season and the Cowboys ended up not making the playoffs. “I’m right on pace. I’m healthy if we had to play a game now,” Prescott told Sage Steele on ESPN, per Pro Football Talk.

“I could go out there and be very successful. Start the game, finish the game and not even worry about the leg”.

The Cowboys aim a big bounce back season

With Prescott healthy, the Cowboys are hoping to return to the postseason and potentially win the Super Bowl.

Elsewhere, Atlanta Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan is excited about the changes his team made this offseason. Ryan, 34, will remain with the Falcons at least for the next season but star wide receiver Julio Jones could still be traded.

“There’s a natural level of excitement that comes from it being different,” Ryan said. “And I love Dan and I love Thomas, have so much respect for those guys, and I learned a ton from them. And I think that’s going to serve me better moving forward with a new staff.

But there is excitement. It’s a little different. There’s a different energy, a level of wanting to prove yourself, show what you can do, all of that stuff is there. I think it makes it exciting, keeps it fresh for a guy in Year 14 and certainly provides plenty of motivation and gives you the energy to get out of bed and get moving”.

Meanwhile, Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is ready to participate in team drills. After the season ended, Mahomes underwent a turf toe surgery. "I think I'm progressing well,'' said Mahomes last month.

"I think I'm ahead of schedule myself. Obviously, we're trying to be cautious. We're not pushing me out there too soon. But I'm doing what I can. I've gotten out of the boot finally. It took forever. Now I'm trying to get back on the field and get that stuff working.

I'm sure they'll keep me on that same pathway and that hopefully I can do some stuff by the end of the offseason,"