Raiders' Tyrell Williams revitalized and healthy after Injury-plagued 2019 season

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Raiders' Tyrell Williams revitalized and healthy after Injury-plagued 2019 season

Las Vegas Raiders wide receiver Tyrell Williams is back to being fully healthy and he is excited and feeling good ahead of the new season. Williams, who arrived to the Raiders from the Los Angeles Chargers last offseason, was plagued by a plantar fasciitis injury throughout the 2019 season.

"I feel good coming into this season, compared to how I was feeling last year with my feet and everything," Williams told reporters Wednesday, per the team's website. "I feel a lot better, feel 100 percent.

I'm excited and feel fast, I feel back to myself. I'm glad to feel that way finally and kind of be passed that." Williams, who went undrafted in the 2015 NFL draft, admitted it took him time to fully recover from the injury and get rid of the pain it was causing.

"It took a while, took a pretty long time into the offseason to finally start feeling better," Williams said. "With the virus, I was able to take more time off, which was helpful. I do a lot of daily maintenance stuff before and after practice to make sure that it doesn't come back.

Just trying to find different things — I don't know what it was that finally got me over the hump. I've tried a million different things and now I'm trying to add whatever feels good, so I can keep [my foot healthy]."

Williams says he felt no pressure in his first season with the Raiders

Williams showed last year that he's capable of being the No. 1 receiver on the team but the inconsistency around him caused the offense to suffer.

"I don't think I really felt a lot of pressure," Williams said when asked about the struggles of last year. "I think it was more of a group, we didn't have an identity with everything that was going on.

We had a lot of people coming and going, and now we have a good core group." Williams is also happy with the way he connects with his quarterback Derek Carr. "We've definitely grown," Williams says. "I think he understands how I run routes and I understand what he's looking for on certain coverages.

He just has a better feel of how I move and it's easier for him, I think that's the biggest thing. Being a long-striding guy, I'm fast, but I don't really look too fast, so getting used to that for him is big."