Patrick Mahomes 'ahead of schedule' in recovery from surgery

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Patrick Mahomes 'ahead of schedule' in recovery from surgery

Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has said that he is ahead of the schedule in his recoverey from a turf toe surgery. Mahomes, who was hampered by a turf toe issue during the playoffs, underwent a surgery shortly after the Chiefs lost to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the Super Bowl.

"I think I'm progressing well,'' said Mahomes, who felt well enough recently to travel to Georgia and attend the Masters Tournament with, among others, teammate Travis Kelce, per ESPN. "I think I'm ahead of schedule myself.

Obviously, we're trying to be cautious. We're not pushing me out there too soon. But I'm doing what I can. I've gotten out of the boot finally. It took forever. Now I'm trying to get back on the field and get that stuff working.

I'm sure they'll keep me on that same pathway and that hopefully I can do some stuff by the end of the offseason.' '

Mahomes should be at full strength for training camp

"He's got great flexibility in that toe,'' Chiefs coach Andy Reid said.

"He worked his tail off, not a real fun thing for him to do with that. It seems like a small thing, but that toe is rather large and stiff before the surgery and after the surgery, so he's really worked hard to get that right.'

' This offseason, Mahomes also decided to take a COVID-19 vaccine. "To me it was more of a personal decision with having a baby girl and knowing I was going to be around people,'' Mahomes said. "I wanted to make sure I did whatever I could to help keep her healthy.'

' Said Reid, "The more we can push toward that, I think that's a positive. I don't want anybody to get sick, and I surely don't want anybody to pass away.' ' Meanwhile, Chiefs star safety Tyrann Mathieu would love to finish his career in Kansas.

“Absolutely, I’d would love to spend the rest of my time in Kansas City,” Mathieu said, via Blair Kerkhoff of the Kansas City Star. “Everybody has embraced me here. It reminds me so much of a football town.

For me, that’s everything. Waking up, seeing my family, going to play football. It’s a blessing to be here”. Mathieu's current three-year contract expires at the end of this season. "I’m a fairly optimistic guy,” Mathieu said.

“I’m not too concerned about money. I think I’m kind of good on that part. The biggest thing for me is how can I continue to be the same guy each and every day for my teammates. When I’m able to be that person, I can bring out the best in my room.

Money and personal goals are not really No. 1 or 2 or my list nowadays. “Until other guys in my [defensive backs] room start making the Pro Bowl and All-Pro, and then I’ll probably be satisfied”.