Jadeveon Clowney explains why he decided to sign with Browns

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Jadeveon Clowney explains why he decided to sign with Browns

Defensive end Jadeveon Clowney wanted to win and he listed that as the main reason why he decided to sign with the Cleveland Browns this free agency. Clowney, who was selected at No. 1 in the 2014 NFL draft, played for the Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans in the past two years.

Clowney is now set to play on a fourth different team in as many years and he certainly hopes that he will found home in Cleveland and stay long-term with the Brown. The Browns finished last season with an 11-5 record and they stunned the Pittsburgh Steelers on the road in the wild-card round, before losing to the Kansas City Chiefs in a tight contest.

"They're definitely a winning team," Clowney said Wednesday in his introductory press conference. "(Winning) brings out the best in everybody on the team, and I think this staff tries to do that. Winning is definitely going to do that."

Clowney wants to help the Brown win a Super Bowl

"I think it was pretty laid back and straightforward," Clowney said. "The coaching staff was pretty laid back and I felt like they knew what they were doing, where they were going and where the organization was standing.

They know where to get where they want to go, and that was something I wanted to be a part of." Clowney is one of the most dominant pass rushers in the league and opponents usually send a double-team on him. But Clowney is now set to play alongside Myles Garrett so he won't be seeing many double teams this coming season.

"I've been getting double-teamed an awful lot in this league," Clowney said. "So I'm looking forward to playing with someone dominant on the other side who can draw a double team and maybe make me go one-on-one."

Clowney hopes he will quickly build a chemistry with his new teammates. "I just feel like we've got to play as one unit and get to know each other," Clowney said. "We have a lot of new pieces, and we have to have a feel for each other.

We know how we have to play, and that will come during training camp when we'll all be together. "It's a great feeling coming to a team that's already on the 'up,'" Clowney said. "Hopefully, we can go on that winning train, and everybody just wants to go out, dominate and make plays."