Falcons might draft QB at No. 4 to be Matt Ryan's successor

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Falcons might draft QB at No. 4 to be Matt Ryan's successor

The Atlanta Falcons appear to still believe in their starting quarterback Matt Ryan but they have not ruled out taking a quarterback with their No. 4 pick in the upcoming NFL draft. Ryan, a four-time Pro Bowl quarterback, didn't play particularly bad last season but the Falcons ended up with one of the records of the season as they finished the year with four wins and 12 losses.

Last season, Ryan completed 65 percent of his passes for 4,581 yards with 26 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. It's obvious that Ryan -- who is set to turn 36 in May -- can still play at a good level but that might not be enough for the Falcons.

The Falcons' goal is to have someone who can help them win now and in future.

The Falcons didn't trade Ryan at the trade deadline

There were rumors last season that the Falcons would trade Ryan and their star wide receiver Julio Jones and enter a rebuild but they decided not to do that.

“That’s critical because that’s a position that regardless of where you are at your starter — we’re so excited about Matt Ryan, but we have to evaluate every one of these quarterbacks,” Falcons general menager Terry Fontenot said.

“Not just for now, when you think big picture, if you have an opportunity — for example Trevor Lawrence, when you have an opportunity to see that player in person throw, then you have to take advantage of that.

Even if you’re not going to have the opportunity at him this year, you don’t know what’s going to happen three, four, five years from now in the future. So you want to take advantage of that in-person exposure.

“That’s why we see every single one of these quarterbacks. We want to, as much as we can, get to them, see them in person, and just take advantage of those exposures because it’s the most critical position in the NFL and we want to stack good quarterbacks.

It’s a prime time to do it when you have a player like Matt Ryan, because when you can get in the right quarterback, you don’t have that pressure to play him right away. So it opens up so many possibilities, and we have to make sure we’re evaluating those positions. And we feel good about where we are there”.