Phillip Adams former NFL is the killer in South Carolina

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Phillip Adams former NFL is the killer in South Carolina

Incredible what happened in South Carolina: Phillip Adams fired a pistol at his doctor, 70-year-old Robert Lesslie. Former NHL player also killed his wife, his two grandchildren aged 5 and 9, as well as another person present in the house.

Adams played 78 games in the NFL in five seasons, including for the San Francisco 49ers, the New England Patriots and the Atlanta Falcons, with whom he ended his career in 2015. The former American football player suffered numerous career injuries, including a series of concussions and a fractured left ankle, which limited his performance.
Phillip Adams committed suicide after the massacre.

Adams took his own life with a pistol, possibly the same weapon used in the shooting. Adams allegedly entered his doctor's home, fired on the doctor and also killed his wife, two grandchildren and another person who was working in the house.

The authorities are still investigating the motive that led him to carry out the massacre.

Vanessa Bryant revealed the cops who released the photos of dead Kobe

Almost 14 months after the tragic accident in Calabasas, the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gigi and the other 7 passengers aboard the helicopter there is still something which are happening.

Enraged by the discovery that some LAPD officers would take, and then circulate, photos of the victims and the scene of the accident, Vanessa Bryant posted the names of the four on her Instagram account. The agents responsible for this ignoble gesture.

That their identity could be made public is the result of a previous lawsuit against the Los Angeles County Sheriff's and Fire departments filed by Ms. Bryant herself. Having obtained the ok from the court, the social post has arrived (indeed, a series of posts, 12) in which the names of the agents are highlighted in a red box (Joey Cruz, Rafael Mejia, Michael Russell and Raul Versales ).

Mejia, in particular, is accused of having taken and saved on his personal mobile phone from 25 to 100 photos (subject, in some cases, the charred bodies of the victims) and then having sent them to Cruz, guilty of having forwarded them to Russell, who even later showed them to a Norwalk bar owner.

Both Russell and Versales are then accused of further showing the photos in question to police personnel who had nothing to do with the investigation into the January 26, 2020 incident. On the actions of these 4 LAPD officers, will now have to pronounce a court.

We have to reacall that some weeks ago, according to Vanessa's lawyers, revealed by the Los Angeles Times, he would have been a single policeman to take pictures of the corpses, with the idea of ​​sharing them with colleagues.

Assigned to the scene of the accident, he would have taken between 25 and 100, immediately starting to share them with the rest of the department. Within 48 hours, most of Villanueva's agents had seen or received images of the lifeless bodies of Kobe and other victims, photos of human remains, some recognizable as Kobe's, taken on the Calabasas.

One of the policemen assigned to the post at the base of the hill, the one that was to keep away the people who rushed to the crash site, would have received several photos of Kobe and immediately shared them with two other people, two civilians, keeping them in the memory of his phone.

up to the internal affairs investigation, the one that Sheriff Villanueva wanted to keep secret. The photo of Kobe Bryant's lifeless body, torn apart by the explosion of the helicopter in which he lost his life, suddenly appears on the cell phone that the man shows to the bartender.

"Hey! I just saw pictures of dead Kobe Bryant. A drink for everyone!" the bartender said. These are the chilling new details revealed by the lawsuit Vanessa Bryant filed with the Los Angeles Police Department. But not only his men have violated that promise, immortalizing the bodies of the victims not for investigation reasons.

And those photos have been circulating within the district and the fire station for days, even being shown in public. According to the details of the lawsuit filed by Vanessa's lawyers, is that of the police student who showed them to the Norwalk bartender.

He was assigned to guard the entrance to the path leading to the scene of the accident, he would receive several photos of the bodies of Kobe and her daughter and would begin to make them turn. Two days after the accident, he proudly showed them to her granddaughter.

That same evening, the student goes for a drink in a bar. To impress a woman, a customer of the club like him, he takes out his mobile phone and shows her the photographs of the accident site, of Kobe's body torn apart by the explosion.

One of the photos seen through the security cameras show the lifeless body of a young girl. The next one he clearly portrays the remains of Kobe. afterwards, the bartender brags to the whole place about what he has just seen.