Packers' Aaron Rodgers: My future in Green Bay is out of my control

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Packers' Aaron Rodgers: My future in Green Bay is out of my control

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers has once again stated that his future in Green Bay is out of his control. In the 2020 NFL draft, the Packers used their first round pick to draft quarterback Jordan Love -- a decision that shocked the NFL world.

Love is now projected to replace Rodgers as the next Packers starting quarterback but Rodgers had an outstanding 2020 season and he is still on the roster. Rodgers is set to play at least one more year in Green Bay but everything beyond is uncertain.

“Well, look, I’m not insulated completely from all those conversations [with people speculating about his future],” Rodgers told Pat McAfee on his show on Monday. “I think part of it is you have to have some understanding of what’s going on out there.

We’re exactly where we were last year when I made comments after the draft and throughout the season. I don’t feel like any of that’s changed. Even my comments even directly after the last game. . . . Some people made assumptions based on what I said.

Nothing’s really changed. My future is really, a lot of it is out of my control. That’s why I use phrases like beautiful mystery, because it is quite uncertain which direction that things are going to go. All I can do is play my best, and I feel like I did do that and may have thrown a wrench into some timelines that may have been thought about or desired.'


Rodgers underlines nothing has changed much from 2020

“But ultimately things haven’t really changed on that front,'' Rodgers added. ''I meant what I said last year about really being at peace with the whole thing, and that hasn’t really changed.

I feel good about the way I played. I feel good about the way I led. I loved our interactions and everything ''that this show provided for me last year. I think people got a raw look at honest conversations about the future and someone who’s not bitter or disappointed or frustrated about things that they realize they can’t control.

My future is one of them and I’ve kind of surrendered to what’s going to happen and just confident in what I bring to the table and how I played last year and everything else is for speculation, and I’m sure there will be plenty of it”.